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Dear Valued Client,


We refer to the above subject matter.

The Federal Government of Nigeria through The Debt Management Office (DMO) has introduced FGN Savings Bond, Which is a retail savings product that will be accessible to all income groups.

Cashcraft Securities Limited is one of the Stockbrokers appointed to market this unique product, which is meant to enhance financial inclusion and promote savings culture.

Cashcraft Securities Limited is a leading retail Stockbroking firm in Nigeria with 12 branches across the nation.

We have established a track record of efficient service delivery and have been in financial services since 1994.

More details about the product will be made available at all our branches.

Furthermore, kindly note, that all our channels of communication are fully available for further information or enquiry on the product.

Copies of the subscription form will be made available at all our branches and can also be downloaded from our website www.cashcraft.com from the commencement date 13th March, 2017.

For enquiries please call 01-2956150, 014530179, 013423822, 07062922655 (Adewole Solomon) or send an enquiries mail to the following platforms.

  • fgnbond@cashcraft.com
  • Customercare@cashcraft.com
  • Live chats with our customer service department via www.cashcraft.com
  • Our online ticketing platform

Steps in the Issuance and Settlement Process:

Step 1: Offer for Subscription begin with the publication of Offer for Subscription Notice and announcement of interest rate by the DMO in at least 3 national dailies.

Step 2: Investors obtain forms from Distribution Agents, eg. (Cashcraft) or download here or from the DMO website, fill, submit and pay to Distribution Agents (Accredited Stockbrokers) - list already published by the DMO and Cashcraft being one of the Accredited Agents.

Step 3: Accredited Agent submits Subscription Forms (hard and electronic copies) and remit payments to Government Stockbroker (GS) with appropriate Excel Sheets.

Step 4: GS forwards a Schedule of Investors and the amount received from Stockbrokers to the CBN and CSCS, respectively for settlement.

Step 5: CSCS and CBN update their records and inform the DMO on Settlement Date (T + 3).

Step 6: On Settlement Date CSCS debits the DMO's account for the volume of Bonds issue, credits investors' account with CSCS and generate text messages to Investors.

Interested Investors can download FGNSB Form here .

Thank you, we appreciate your business.

Cashcraft Securities Limited