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Retirement Planning & Milestone Investment

Take your destiny into your hands.

The Personal Earning Annuity Scheme (P.E.A.S) is designed to meet the long term investment needs of self-employed people, bussiness owners and individuals both in public and private sectors.

The scheme is a disciplined and consistent investment plan which could be used to store and create wealth for the future at retirement which makes the retirement period a season of relaxation and happy memories, and not of financial worries. The PEAS plan has a target savings plan to meet future financial obligations such as school fees payment, property acquisition and source of funding for new businesses.

The scheme is managed in such a way that it guarantees gradual increase in capital and adequate securities for your future needs after active working life. In addition, it affords you a unique opportunity to take care of your dependants in the event of premature death.

Take your destiny into your hands, subscribe to P.E.A.S plan now!! And take care of your retirement period!