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Sub-Broker Agency Services

Cashcraft Securities Limited is pleased to offer Sub-Brokers unique opportunity to retain and grow their businesses through a mutually beneficial arrangement that enables them to sell, buy and deal in securities on their behalf on the Nigerian Stock Exchange and NASD Limited.

Cashcraft has developed an agency platform on its robust Yanchi software which will enable Sub- Brokers execute their trades directly from their portals anywhere in the world and generate instantly requisite reports for operational, accounting, customer service and regulatory purpose Entrusting the dealing segment of your business with us will guarantee you.

  • Transparency .
  • Speed.
  • Efficiency.
  • Safety and.
  • Integrity.

  • Our Credentials Include:
  • Incorporated in 1991
  • Commenced business in 1994
  • Nationwide presence with our Ikoyi Head Office and 12 Branches in Yaba, Ikeja, Oshogbo, Abuja, Port Harcourt City, Kano, Ibadan, Bonny, Yenagoa, Kaduna, Benin and Nnewi
  • Over 95,000 active client base
  • Pioneered IT and payment innovation into retail stockbroking business in Nigeria
  • Award winning, interactive website since 2003
  • Efficient in rendering services to retail clients nationwide.
  • Stable Board and Management
  • Dedicated relationship managers grounded in the basic principles of customer care.


To be the Financial Services Firm of choice, in the building and management of wealth by using the best tools to deliver superior services and returns..


To propagate, the benefits of the capital markets and arrange convenient ways for clients to achieve exceptional results.

  • We anticipate your needs and we are your reliable partners.
  • We are building an enduring institution with value for honesty and integrity.
  • We believe if our clients are successful, we cannot fail.
  • Our institution is merit driven with an inspiring atmosphere.


We are a company of multi-talented and dedicated people in the basic principle of customer focus, teamwork, integrity, responsible citizenry and respect for individuals. Our focus is on cultivating and managing relationships. We are distinguished by our professionalism, strong work ethics and commitment to building relationships based on trust, integrity and transparency. We are uniquely positioned to support our clients by providing innovative solutions for financial protection and asset management and to consistently outperform our nearest competitors


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