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Stockbroking & Asset Management

We buy and sell securities on behalf of clients who have access to our well-researched information.

As a dealing member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, we buy and sell securities on behalf of clients who have access to our well-researched information and data on quoted companies to enable them take informed investment decisions.

Our services in this area includes:

  • Mandate Execution
  • Liquidity Enhancement & Margin Finance
  • Portfolio Management
  • Defined Income


We are one of the top firms by traded volumes on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. We also have one of the largest numbers of clients. Our large clientele base is as a result of our focus on all segments of the society. Our clients demand information and services, both of which we provide like no one else. Our capital base and strong banking relationships has enabled us provide margin finance to the clients.

We recognize that today's investors demand the service of dedicated professionals who provide intelligent investment counsel by identifying, structuring and implementing the best possible investment strategy. A strategy dedicated to preserving the investor's wealth while maximizing its value and accounting for the impact of taxes on investment decision.

We also offer unquoted companies private placements and arrange for additional equity. We execute client mandates efficiently and effectively. The independent investor decides what we should buy and at what price. We also carry out sale instructions speedily and in your best interest. Minimum/Maximum acceptable values to trigger sale or purchase may be defined by each client.

We are able to arrange investments in companies quoted overseas.


We provide matching funds for buy orders and temporary funding pending the execution of sale orders.

We provide stock refinancing options by providing an agreed value of existing portfolios for the purpose of fresh stock purchases.


Being aware that not all investors have the time, energy or interest to personally monitor their investment portfolio. We are able to manage clients' assets on their behalf. Decisions will be taken on client's behalf based on our experience, research, emergent information and expectations. Clients could bring existing stocks to setup a portfolio.

Control is never lost by you as we will provide periodic information on content and value and you could direct specific target action.


We also assist clients with lower risk profiles to invest in instruments with defined income and guaranteed capital, these includes:

  • Treasury Bills.
  • Debt Instruments - Bonds, Debentures.
  • Tenured Investment Funds - Commercial Papers.
  • Term Deposits.
  • Bankers Acceptance.