Market and Information Services

Comprehensive market information and analytics

We maintain an active and interactive website:

Our website provides:

  • Information for research covering quarterly results financial ratios, five year financials e.t.c.
  • News about the quoted companies.
  • Stock prizes on a daily basis.
  • Access to our clients accounts and communication with us.
  • Details on our activities, services, beliefs and people.
  • Forms for public offers, rights issues and new listings.

Our website was voted best non-bank financial institution website in our country on two consecutive rating sessions conducted by the web-juris managed by Philips Consulting.

  • Five year financial results of companies (full year & periodic).
  • Quarterly report.
  • Traded volumes for the entire market and per stock - actual per day, average per day, year to date.
  • Traded volumes per stock per day, each stock as a percentage of the total market volumes.
  • A capitalization update - new issues, bonuses - for the market & each stock.
  • Price movements.
  • Dividends and bonus issues.
  • Number of shares in issue.
  • Financial ratios.
  • Performance charts like dividend yield.
  • Stock ranking by P/E ratios, by capital appreciation and by dividend yields.
  • Calm index - an index of the twenty-five most capitalised stocks being tracked by us.
  • Market index - year to date performance of index.
  • Fact sheet per stock.
  • Online access to place orders with us, check accounts and portfolio valuation.
  • News update about cashcraft, the market and country Nigeria.